It’s Tough Mudder Time! What’s so great about running the Tough Mudder obstacle course race? Well, I’m writing this to fill you in!

If you’ve missed the hype about Tough Mudder then let me recap for you. TM has been around for a while and they have been delivering on a fun, muddy race that has friends bring more friends to enjoy this race. You see, the-hands-down-best-reason to run this race is that it’s a team building extravaganza! Friends work together to complete the course and strangers help strangers. It’s a beautiful thing.

So here you go: 5 reasons to call a buddy and bring a friend to Tough Mudder.

1. Your friends might hate the idea at first, but they will feel so accomplished when they are done. It may take some thoughtful persuasive ideas to help you build a team of friends to run with, but they won’t regret running together.

2. Team training is always fun. Think of it—working out by yourself is boring! Build a community around training for this event. We have done this here locally in Nashville and it has been so much more fun.

3. Get stronger! It may be the most obvious result of working out with your friends, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good reason to run. You will come out of this experience a stronger more confident person.

4. Tough Mudder has great swag! Their shirts are pretty awesome! Not to mention the great setup at the race with interactive things for the whole family to do and great shops for all to use.

5. Location. The places that TM sets up their races are so beautiful. Here in the Nashville area, both the TM full and half are in Lebanon, TN amongst the cedar trees and rolling hills. It will be as fun as it is a picturesque experience.

If you are interested in doing some training with us, contact us and let us know! Check out our Instagram for some fun photos to come!

That’s it! Now go, sign up for this fun race and tell us all about your experience. Hope to see you there.