Total Body Burnout – 45 Minutes

Push, pull and explode in this fun, full-body 45 minute workout. Combination exercises are a great way to burn more fat by moving more muscles. Stretch it out to a full hour with an optional 15-minute post-workout stretching session.

HiitFit – 30 Minutes

This 30 minutes class is fast paced, high-intensity class and is great if you’re short on time and are missing the cardio in your workout. With this class you will sweat, breathe heavy and burn fat for up to 36 hours. Extend it to 45 minutes with stretching session afterward.

Calisthenics Conditioning Level 1 – 60 Minutes

This is our beginner-friendly, body-weight class built for participants that are looking for a mix of mobility and strength training. It’s as much about getting strong as it is about getting pain free.

Handstand Hangout – 60 Minutes

Hangout with us upside down! In this fun class we will have you inverted in no time at all. If you’re already comfortable upside down, then this class will progress you to the next level of tricks and transitions. Workout with us for 45 minutes, then stretch for 15 minutes.


Strength – 60 Minutes

In this class, you will build strength and muscle tone using your own body weight. Dynamic movement and breath unite in this powerful flow practice. This energizing practice will leave you feeling invigorated. All levels welcome.

Stretch – 60 Minutes

In this class, you will build flexibility that is functional for the body by holding poses for a longer amount of time and finding challenge. Breath and movement will work together as you find steadiness in the poses. You will learn proper alignment, where to focus your energy, and where you will find ease. All levels welcome.

Relax – 60 Minutes

In this class, you will unwind the physical body through a gentle, slow, practice. You will be guided through relaxing poses that ease and comfort both the mind and the body. This practice will teach you how to relax fully in order to recover from other workouts or simply the stress and strain of everyday life. Most of these poses will be seated or reclined. All levels welcome.


Iron Fist – 8 weeks

It’s time to take your grip strength to the next level. Whether you’re a rock climber or a Ninja, you’ll see the benefits this class will make in your strength and endurance. Enjoy unique circuit style training with fun exercises that are great for building grip endurance. This is a 60 min class with active stretching at the end.

Butts and Guts – 6 weeks

If you’re ready to get your butt in shape then this class is for you. Get ready to work hard and strengthen your core and lower body. This class will be equal parts strength, explosive plyometric training, and flexibility.

Mobility Lab – 6 weeks

It’s time to learn pain free movements and enjoy exercise that doesn’t compound the pain you’re currently feeling. Gain freedom in movement with this class and improve your body control.


Acro (short for acrobatics) is a great way to learn body awareness and build strength. Learn how to base, fly and spot your friends! Come alone or bring a partner, everyone will get a chance! It’s a great tool for learning communication and working with other people while building your own skill set. Basic poses are accessible for almost everyone, with increasing difficulty all the way up to circus tricks!

Ninja Kid

For ages 8-12 or 12-16.

If you are a climbing parent, then you can appreciate the benefits of body awareness and upper body strength/endurance. This kids class gets your little guy or gal interested in fitness in a fun new way using ninja warrior obstacles.


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