You know we love helping people get out of pain and back to normal life. Whether that be back to their strength training, back to playing with the kids, or maybe back to doing yoga without pain. If this sounds like you, then we have 5 tips for shoulder restoration that can help.

1. Improve your shoulder range of motion. Shoulder restoration begins with mobility. To help your range of motion, start by laying on your back on the floor. Then, with straight arms and open palms to the sky, move your arms over your head and to the floor, with the back of your hands on the floor. You can also do this in a “plane flagging type of motion” where you open to the sides. Take inventory on where your discomfort is coming from.
2. Improve your shoulder stability. This can be done by making some changes to your workout. Use a resistance band to do a static hold shoulder press hold. If you can do a bottoms up kettle bell press, this would also be great for shoulder stability.
3. Try active release therapy and release the pectoral muscles and the biceps. This can be done easily, but not without pain. You should have some level of discomfort and you should expect it to slowly release as you are doing the therapy.
4. Strengthen your grip. Studies continue to show that grip strengthening will improve your shoulder pain. We’ve been saying it for years, strengthening the grip improves the wrist, elbow, and shoulder connection.
5. Reduce or eliminate ALL foods that contribute to inflammation. Stop feeding your pain by eliminating things like refined flour and sugar. For more helpful anti-inflammatory foods please see our food guide.

Lastly, we must say that you have to stop repeating the things that cause the pain. Most injuries come from hyper overloaded prime movers. More isn’t better in this situation. If you would like to learn more, we can help! Whether you live here in Nashville or anywhere, we can meet you where you are. We have time tested experience in Restorative Fitness and can help you heal your body so that you can stay healthy and do more fitness! Contact us with any questions you have.