Have you heard of redox molecules? The term redox molecules is short for reduction/oxidation molecules and refers to the molecules that are used by cells to communicate, as well as initiate and process actions within the cell. There are different types of redox molecules such as oxygen redox molecules or carbon redox molecules.

Oftentimes, especially with chronic illness, redox molecules can be in short supply and therefore there is poor cellular communication and repair. A product such as ASEA, can greatly aid the body in cellular communication and thus healing. A good way to think about it is to think about these molecules as the labor and the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and more) as the material–you need both to heal and maintain your body.

Cells have hormone receptors on the cell wall and over time these receptors become blocked, injured, hindered, gunked-up, and abused. Enhancing redox signaling essentially is enhancing communication and that can enable cells to boost glutathione and superoxide disputes such that cells can remove toxins and communicate once again. Problems like insulin resistance, leptin resistance, or thyroid resistance and more are helped when hormone receptors on the cell are working properly. Also, because these signaling molecules are so helpful in enhancing cell communication, they directly affect gene expression that can have positive affects on multiple body processes.

ASEA is the product that contains oxygen redox molecules that are identical to the molecules the human body creates. Restore is another redox product that contains carbon molecules. Carbon molecules are what single celled organisms (such as probiotics) use to communicate and create an environment to thrive. Restore enhances bacterial communication so much that it can create such protective bacterial colonies that pesticides that would normally break the tight junctions in the gut lining are withstood (and the lining protected) for 18 hours.

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