Restorative fitness is how we describe our physical therapy based personal training. Rehabilitation is something for which we are well known. We have received referrals from the Baptist Hospital PT department. Chiropractic Nashville, and a slew of our walking success stories. We have a great success rate, not because we are awesome, but because we have formulated a tested plan for helping you get back to 100%.

Building structural muscle increases blood flow to the injured area. We do this with as little impact as possible, especially in the beginning. That means no weights sometimes, and no jumping, for a while. The patterns in your daily life will be taken into consideration as well. Correcting muscle imbalances is what we do on the day-to-day with nearly every single person, including ourselves, through careful exercise selection. You may never be completely balanced, but every improvement reduces pain.

When picking a personal trainer, choose a trainer that has a background in rehabilitation injuries using physical therapy. This will allow you to reach your goals to regain mobility without being further injured by a trainer unfamiliar with physical therapy. Unfortunately that kind of thing happens often in the fitness industry. We want to help you get back to feeling your best, un-injured self!

The formula for restorative fitness is adjusted to fit each person. Each category may be attacked slightly differently and in different order depending on the injury or person. Reducing inflammation is a huge part of what we do and we reduce it with food, herbs and essential oils. Spinal alignment is vitally important. We refer out to professional chiropractors that may use manual adjustments or use an activator depending on the body in question. If you are already working with a chiropractor, then you’re off to a good start!

Muscle tension is resolved with massage therapy, essential oils, NST, and a couple other modalities. For massage therapy, we prefer massage therapists that are clinical in their approach. They work to relieve everything in the line of the muscle tension, including the fascia and smaller muscles you may not realize are affected. The release of muscle tension will help to strengthen the proper muscles to support the spine, hips, and shoulders without pain.

What happens when you have a weak signal on your cell phone? It’s difficult to hear the conversation. Similarly, our cells communicate between each other. You need strong communication signals so your body can perform better, recover faster, and heal more efficiently. Weak cell signaling, called redox signaling, can be low from the effects of age, toxins, and environmental stress. We can help you replenish those weak cell signals so you can feel and look better.

Restorative fitness takes into account all these factors and incorporates them into your fitness routine. Want a free assessment? Contact us!