Lower Body Active Release Technique with Dr. Scott Dunaway

Lower Body A.R.T.

Title: Lower Body A.R.T. with Dr. Scott Dunaway
Length: 33 minutes
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Lower Body A.R.T.

This video is our first installment in a series of videos with Dr. Scott Dunaway of Chirostrength. In this video, Terry and Dr. Scott will walk you through Lower Body A.R.T. (active release technique) and provide practical ways you can deal with connective tissue restrictions and eliminate pain and restore mobility.

Many people do not realize the great benefit they can receive from Active Release Technique. Dr. Scott helps explain A.R.T. as, “a hands on treatment to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia aimed at improving function of these tissues. This is accomplished by breaking up adhesions in and between these tissues as well as restoring proper blood flow to areas that have become starved of adequate perfusion. With these combined results, the patient will experience decreased tension and tenderness in the muscles and will improve the results seen with the Adjustment.”

It is our desire to provide resources such as this video to get the word out about ways our clients (and friends, and family, and everyone!) can be free from pain and discomfort, greatly improving quality of life.