Are you suffering from tendonitis? Tennis elbow slowing you down? Well here are a few tips on how to gain pain relief.

1. You’re likely over loading your Brachioradialis and Brachialis in your forearm from squeezing your grip a lot. You’ll need to release these muscles with some A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) or self myofascial release.

2. It’s time strengthen the Extensor Digitorum of the hand as well as strengthen your tricep. Adding this into your fitness routine will increase your body’s ability to not overload any one muscle.

3. Mix in some shoulder mobility exercises to keep the chest and anterior deltoid from concaving. Some resistance band training will go a long way at stabilizing your shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

4. Improve your posture by changing up your repetitive movements. If you are sitting at a desk all day and only make it out to the gym to do pull-ups and bicep curls you will need to change this pattern. Try standing at your desk and mixing in push-ups with your pull-ups.

5. It’s time to eat less inflammatory foods like refined sugars and flours. These foods take pain and make it more chronic by inhibiting repair (think of inflammation as repair deficit). Eating anti-inflammatory, easy-to-dgest foods will aid your body in repair by delivering the right nutrients to the area of pain and giving the body more energy by spending less time on digestion.

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