Nashville Scene’s annual Best of Nashville is here again and we would appreciate your vote as a best of Nashville! Nashville Scene has the most well known annual “Best Of” list across numerous broad and specific categories.

The broad category would be under “Home, Goods, & Services” and the individual categories would be “Best Local Gym/Fitness Club” and “Best Personal Trainer”.

Here are some more details:

1. Sign in using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn (or email).

2. You may submit one full ballot during the voting period (Aug. 3 to Sept. 8).

3. You may vote in as many categories as you’d like, but you’ll be unable to return to the form once you submit it.

4. One ballot per person. Happy voting!

Last year Ashley Dance was voted #2 best trainer and Terry Barga was voted #3! Let’s see if this year we can help them move up!

Nashville Strength Co. focuses on fitness that allows you to do the things that you want to do in life, without pain and injury free! Unlike so many other gyms NSC practices Restorative Fitness that builds the foundation for functional fitness and is not just about what you see in mirror or counting calories. We KILL VANITY so that you can say that you are NO LONGER VICTIM to the lies of culture around you and the lies inside you that tell you that you have to be this or that. We want you to be healthy, whole, alive!

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