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Terry has been around the fitness industry for 12 years helping transform bodies. Terry specializes in a training system focused on holistic health so that the client gets lasting results. Terry calls this system restorative fitness to get people out of pain and calisthenics (body weight training) to build the body. The mix of restorative fitness and calisthenics coupled with whole food nutrition has given clients the ingredients they need to live a pain-free, active lifestyle.


Ashley Dance is a certified personal trainer and specializes in calisthenics, specifically handstands. Calisthenics incorporates many body weight exercises, which Ashley uses to customize workouts based on client’s needs. She favors calisthenics because it is functional, sustainable, and fun. It builds strength in the body and confidence in the mind. It complements many other movement disciplines like yoga, climbing, or running. She believes fitness should be incorporated for life to improve or maintain vitality.


Coach Dustin Del Rio is a calisthenics specialist that utilizes bodyweight training to create challenging, functional workouts for his clients. He believes that living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong, fit, and mobile body. Calisthenics training can be divided up into four components of overall fitness. The four components are; skill training, strength training, conditioning, and mobility. Most people’s lifestyles and work schedules have made them poor movers. We must train in all the areas to get back to becoming a well rounded mover.


Maria Maggipinto specializes in personal training for adults 40 years and above. She focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio endurance. Designing and creating exercise plans that restore optimum fitness to her clients is her passion.


Josh Ulmer has been Nashville Strength Co.’s online fitness coach for a fews years now. He loves to lift heavy and to work the entire body. He does this through the eyes of an athlete, but pays careful attention to any injuries a client might have. Using weights to eradicate weakness and drive out pain from the body is what his clients love!
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Whether you want us to come to your home or you want to come to our gym, we can help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We offer full service nutrition and physical fitness training. Whatever your fitness goals, whether you want to get trim and tone, gain muscle mass, get in shape for sports, train for the Music City Marathon, or just lose a few pounds for an upcoming wedding, reunion or other special event, we can help you achieve your training goals!

In addition to personal training, we offer all levels of fitness classes to help you get a great, balanced workout on the regular.

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